YouTube Music App
+ YouTube Music app is an app that YouTube created for people who listens music from YouTube
+ There is no difference between YouTube app because it still plays video like YouTube
+ Downloading video costs a lot of data so users fear to use YouTube Music app in public unless they have WiFi connection or unlimited data

YouTube Audio App
+ YouTube Audio app is for people who only listens to audio from YouTube
+ plays audio in background


The main goal was to change the video interface design to audio interface design
Because YouTube Audio app does not play videos anymore, all thumbnails changed to square proportion

Now Playing
It can be access anytime by touching the audio bar from bottom of the screen
While audio plays, the user can add the audio to his playlist or explore uploader's channel

My Playlists
Users can create their own playlist and customize by making different categories or adding their favorite audios

Users can explore other user's channel and can listen to their playlists if they are on public

Because YouTube account links to Google account, user can log into their Google account

History page can be access from my account. 
It shows audios that user recently listened and the most listened audios
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